Photo Gallery

Client A

This client was about to move to a new home out of state. The craft room was of particular concern as her new room was going to be smaller and she wasn’t sure what she had any more since she couldn’t get to some areas of the room.

Client B

This client had a storage room that she hated to be in. She told me she would open the door, look in, say “I don’t think so” then close the door and leave. Once we finished this room she is happy to use it and it motivated her to work on the rest of her home.

Client C

This client had a leak in the basement that caused a very serious mold problem. 5 months later the carpet still “squelched” since it was too covered with stuff to evaporate or to be cleaned. She had to move out since the house wasn’t livable in that condition.This entire house was emptied out and her possessions went to storage for her to go through later so that the house could be repaired prior to sale.