Meet the Team

Maria, Founder
Professional Organizer, CEO, COO

Maria has over 20 years of experience helping others get control of their homes and lives by helping them get the clutter out of their lives. Her approach with her clients is very holistic. She works with the client to help them figure out the physical, mental and emotional causes of the clutter and how to deal with them. She teaches her clients how to make the decisions on what to keep, sell or donate so that they will be able to do this for themselves in the future. Even though this task can be stressful or sad she tries to keep everyone as positive and upbeat as possible. She stays available for her clients in case they have questions or just need new ideas or suggestions.

Maria has attended the FBI and Fairfax County Citizens Police Academies. She acts as a role player for the academy and officers in training scenarios, works the canteen and is a former member of the Board of the Fairfax County Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association. She is a VIPS (Volunteer in Police Service) and teaches classes on clutter and hoarding at the Criminal Justice Academy as well as other venues. She is also a member of the Fairfax County Inter-Agency Hoarding Committee.

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Scott, Co-Founder

Scott has been in the technology field for more years than he wants to count, starting as a programmer, moving to systems administrator and ending up in management. Now he works behind the scenes at Conquer the Clutter as the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Financial Officer. He only occasionally ventures out as an Organizational Assistant.

Office Assistant

Marjory is originally from the Dominican Republic, but has lived in Barcelona, Cannes, and Massachusetts. Now she’s settled down in Virginia and started a family. She’s a part-time student, working on her International Relations Degree. She enjoys reading, learning about different cultures, Pinterest, and spending time with her loved ones. Her goal is to visit every interesting place in the state and keep moving to the surrounding states until she’s visited the whole country.

Office Assistant

Cayley grew up in a large family of six and spent most of her time balancing school and competitive Irish dancing. She focuses on her passion for photography. In Cayley’s free time she enjoys hiking and being a mom to a growing golden retriever. Her goal is to live on top of a mountain surrounded by pine trees, to spend the rest of her life being one with nature.

Office Assistant

Darryl has worn many hats in his career: chef, soldier, manager, house dad and husband to name a few. He is married with 4 kids and calls Fairfax, VA his home. Darryl has been to more countries than he can remember during his 20 yr military career. His hobbies include cooking, gardening, soccer and fly fishing.

Jamie Jamie
Organizer III

Jamie was a middle school special education teacher in Fairfax County for ten years until she decided to stay at home and raise her children.  She has two beautiful young girls who she enjoys spending time with.  She went to George Mason Universityfor her BA in English and attended graduate school at the University of Virginia to obtain her teaching certification.

Jamie has been working with Conquer the Clutter since September 2011 and thoroughly enjoys meeting and working with clients to help bring calm to their chaos.

Liz Liz
Organizer II

Originally from Australia and a long time resident of Massachusetts, Elizabeth now lives in Northern Virginia. In MA she worked for the Department of Developmental Services as a Regional Training Coordinator for the Greater Boston area. As a certified Health and Wellness Coach and organizer, she hopes to help people achieve enduring change through challenging circumstances and life transitions.

Stephanie Stephanie
Organizer I

Stephanie is a California native and military veteran. She has also worked in the retail, hospitality, and medical fields. After having moved both across town and across the country multiple times, she has lots of experience in downsizing, de-cluttering, and organizing household contents.

Heather Heather
Organizer I

Heather graduated with an Interior Design degree from Radford University in May 2012. She was greatly involved with her school, participating in extra-curricular activities which helped create new experiences and long-lasting friendships.

Organizing Assistant

Robbin has a degree in English from Bemidji State University. Now a veteran home educator, she successfully schooled her sons through high school. She is an inveterate gardener, a chicken keeper and an adventurous cook. She delights in helping others create peaceful and orderly environments.

Diane Diane
Organizing Assistant

Diane loves helping people develop organizational systems that will make their lives easier so they can focus on what’s important. During her 20-year career as a nonprofit communications professional, Diane particularly enjoyed working with people with disabilities and chronic illnesses and their caregivers. Personally, she has managed many moves for herself and friends, and her favorite activity is helping people reduce, sort, and arrange their things.

Diane Michael
Organizing Assistant

Michael was born and raised here in Northern Virginia. He is a wedding DJ and part-time student at George Mason University, currently pursuing his BA in Communications. He enjoys music, traveling the world, watching films, and dabbling in the culinary arts. Michael has been enriching the lives of his clients since 2010 with his thoughtful and caring approach towards home organization.