Are you an estate planner?

◆◆ Do you regularly wish for more hours in a day?
◆◆ Do you often go to a client’s home to help them sort through paperwork or gather title documents?
◆◆ Are you constantly interrupted by client phone calls asking for local business referrals?
◆◆ Are your clients ready to discuss estate planning?


Let us help you prepare your clients for estate planning and save your clients’ money by using us to

  • gather and sort their financial paperwork
  • identify active accounts
  • summarize assets
  • help them list which beneficiaries receive the family heirlooms
  • help them downsize for aging in place or moving to another home

Are you the administrator of an estate?

You may need some hands-on assistance at the property.

We will:


  • Search for hidden tangible assets
  • Sort and organize documents, summarize financial paperwork
  • Manage the disposition of the tangible personal property for you
    • Sell, donate and trash
    • Coordinate shipping to heirs, including internationally

We provide:

  • On-site supervision for work preparing the home for sale
    • Control access to the property
    • Reserve facility elevators and loading docks
  • Updates with photos to keep you current on progress

We value privacy issues:

  • Non-Disclosure agreements signed by all employees
  • Communications only as permitted by Disclosure form
  • Secured email, if desired