MovingStudies show that moving is the most stressful thing that most people do. One of the hardest parts can be deciding what to move and what to get rid of. Time is usually an issue as well. Have you ever wished, in the middle of your move, that you had 3 extra pairs of hands? Well, now you do!

We can help with everything from taking items to donation, connecting you with people who will buy or sell your items for you, repair people to get the house ready to sell and more. We are also there to help with the purging process so there is less to pack, and packing boxes aren’t cheap.

We can also help with your unpack, whether you are finishing a local move or if you are moving here from across the country. This will help you to be able to use your home much more quickly and make it feel like home sooner.

If you are downsizing we will discuss with you where you are going and if possible get measurements. This will help us work with you to know what will fit in the new place.  We can also connect you with the people who can make it easier.