16 Dec 2011

Multitasking is a way of life that many of us are taught as children and which is reinforced during our school days. Correct the kids homework while you do the dishes, the laundry and pay the bills. It’s a sin to only be doing one thing at a time. There is only one problem with it…..it doesn’t work. Unless one of the tasks is truly mindless. Yes, you can switch out a load of laundry while talking to your mom on the phone but don’t try to talk to mom while helping your kids with the homework.

One problem with multitasking is that your attention is not fully on anything in particular and you lose time when switching what you are working on. You are actually less efficient doing 2 things at once then if you did both of them after the other. If something is worth doing, it’s worth your attention. It will take less time and be accomplished much better if you concentrate on it.

When decluttering, we use this theory to do more in less time. This is why we set up a “somewhere else” box in the room we are working on. If you find something that belongs in another room when you are working in your closet for example, don’t leave the closet to put it away. If you leave, you will find yourself roaming from room to room picking up one thing then wandering to another place to put it away, see something else that needs doing, and so on, and so on. At the end of the day you will have neither cleaned your closet nor reduced the clutter around the rest of the house. You will wonder how you could have spent all day in the closet and have not made any noticeable change.

Instead, use the “somewhere else” box. If you see something in the closet that doesn’t belong there, just drop it in the box and keep working on the closet. Stop working ½ hour before the end of the time you set aside to declutter. This is when all the items in the box get put away. You can group them by room and be much more efficient at putting them away. This way, the items are put away and the closet is cleaned. HOORAY!!!

Focus on your goal and you will achieve it. This works for decluttering, paperwork, crafts, family time, ANYTHING.


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  1. One great thing to use is one or two of those under-the-bed storage cases. They’re long and about 1.5 feet acrsos but not very tall so they can fit under you’re bed great for storing junk!Also, shelves and bookcases work wonders for knick-knacks.If you have a dresser keep the clothes folded as nicely as possible b/c it expands the space and you can find things better. Coat racks or on the wall hangers work great for storing things. I’d also go through all your stuff sometime this summer and make 3 piles while you’re doing it. 1-stuff to keep where you can get it. 2-stuff to put away (like in the attic or store in boxes under your bed or something) 3-stuff to give away or throw away. Try to not be a packrat either because that REALLY cuts down on space. Just keep the things you really use and want and need. Hope I helped! = )

  2. I just came across your blog while bosnriwg for moving and storage information. Your article about keeping organized was especially interesting. I especially liked your comments about avoiding a cluttered closet and keeping your home clutter free. I am adding you to my favorites. Thanks!

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