12 Jan 2012

Maria and I were interviewed for an article in Inc. online.  The article is about home based businesses.  We told him why we didn’t need a separate office but the context got editted.  The quote they didn’t use that I wish they had is, “Our job is to help you organize your home or office.  We can ‘t do that unless we’re in your home or office.” 

The story behind me shattering my elbow is dull.  It was a simple fall in the house, but I landed square on my elbow.  I had surgery where they inserted enough titanium to make me more of an engineering project than patient.  It’s been 2 months now and I couldn’t have made it without Maria.  Life is only now starting to return to normal and I’ve been anxious to get back to work, so posting this is a good start.

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works mostly behind the scenes at Conquer the Clutter, supporting Maria's efforts to make the world a neater place to live.

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