04 Oct 2012

Or is it the deadly Hantavirus?  The killer in your basement.  Film at 11:00.

 Okay, let’s leave the sensationalism aside.  Odds are that it’s the flu.  Hanatavirus is very rare and is only carried by a few types of rodents.  But the initial symptoms are similar: fever, severe muscle aches, fatigue.  For more information on Hantavirus, check out the Centers for Disease Control.

So, why did I even bring up Hantavirus?  Well, there was a recent outbreak in Yosemite National Park that continues to have an impact;, and at the same time there was a scare in Houston that affected the filming of TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive!  And, of course, we’re coming up on flu season.

Hoarding leads to unsanitary conditions.  Pets tend not to receive the care that they need, especially from animal hoarders, and can bring disease into the home.  Even if animal hoarding isn’t going on, there is often an increase in insect and other vermin infestations.  A lack of home maintenance can lead to mold, dirt and dust.  On top of all those increased risk factors hoarders tend to have an increased stress level and not sleep well.  This tends to lead hoarders to have weakened immune systems. 

So, take care of yourselves this winter.  Look into getting a flu shot, you may even be able to get one for free.  And if you see rodent droppings in your home, take action, for your own sake.

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