31 Oct 2012

The news these days is full of tricks and not so many treats.

Hurricane Sandy has passed, though its remnants are still active.  Fires.  Floods.  Wind damage.  And snow.  Millions of people lost power, many lost homes or cars, and a few lost lives.  With continuing rain and a full moon’s high tide today not everyone is out of the woods yet.  The recovery will take a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of manpower.  Our hearts go out to everyone affected.

Sadly, there are people who take advantage of events like this.  There is currently a scam going around where callers are apparently targeting seniors and telling them that they can vote by phone.  This started before Sandy struck and is more widespread than just the path of destruction, but it will probably find a more receptive audience among those affected by the storm.  If you get such a phone call please notify the police and if your tempted to vote by phone please contact your Board of Elections directly first.

And there are areas that have cancelled Halloween due to safety concerns.  I can’t wait until this weekend when daylight savings time ends.  Maybe with an extra hour of sleep the world will look better when we open our eyes.

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