“There’s a household of stuff to deal with and I don’t have time or even know where to start.”

This is a difficult time for the family. Often the members of the family are all over the country and even when they’re local they don’t have the ability to devote a lot of time to managing the estate. It is also very common for people suffering emotional distress to make bad decisions and to be taken advantage of. We can help. We have the time and connections to deal with all the physical items in the estate, without having an emotional roller coaster to deal with. We’re there to reduce your stress and the time it takes to get the work done.


We work closely with the Executor to make the process as painless as possible so that they can concentrate on the important issues.

  • We can arrange for items to be shipped to family and friends
  • We work with auction houses, specialty buyers, eBay sellers and charities that accept donations. We provide inventories of assets and disposition as needed
  • We can arrange to get the home ready for sale (flooring, painting, other repairs).
  • We can connect the executor with Attorneys, Realtors, CPAs and Financial Planners to help the executor
  • We find paperwork, and if desired can categorize, summarize, digitize and shred it as appropriate before turning it over
  • We know where to look for hidden assetshidden-assets

We stay in constant communication and will send updates on a regular schedule. This can be by phone, email or text, with photos.