Hoarding. It’s become a national phenomenon on TV. Hoarders, Buried Alive and other shows have brought awareness of the condition to the nation. While showing that hoarding is not a choice that people make, but is instead a condition they have to work around, the word “hoarder” has become a slur. “Hoarding” is not a word to feel bad about, it is just a diagnosis, like “cancer”. Hoarding can be just as deadly but it CAN be fought if you have the right tools. Therapy is one of those tools, and when someone is working collaboratively with both a therapist and a Professional Organizer they get the best odds to beat it.

This is not a short term solution but it can be done. We’ve helped many people live better lives and we would do our best to help you too.

  • We will teach you how to make the decisions on what to keep and what to let go
  • We will teach you how to set personal rules for buying and purging
  • We can arrange for haulers to come and take your items for donation or to take a large load of trash so you don’t get in trouble with your HOA
  • We will help you by working with any involved government agencies like Code Compliance, Fire Marshalls, etc. This can sometimes get you extensions on your deadlines and can also reduce your stress levels since we can provide photos of your progress so the government doesn’t feel the need to inspect as often

For people who know someone who might have a problem and for those who think they might have a problem, but aren’t sure, Maria Spetalnik has written A Practical Guide to Hoarding for Friends and Family.

A Practical Guide to Hoarding for Friends and Family