Senior Services Providers

We specialize in the needs of seniors and we collaborate with a team of professionals who work with Elders. These include Geriatric Care Managers, housing specialists, in-home care companies, elder law attorneys and financial planners among others.

We can help in many ways. If you are in good physical health we can help by re-arranging items so that as many of them as possible are in more accessible places so you don’t need to bend or stretch to get to them. We can also help with your paperwork by purging as needed and helping to organize what is left. This can be particularly helpful if you’re beginning to notice occasional vision problems.

If you are interested in Aging in Place we can help you prepare while you’re still healthy. This way you will be able to make any modifications to your home before it is an emergency situation. When the medical situation changes, we can help by making room for a medical bed and other medical equipment, room for a caregiver, and reorganize your things so that the most important items can be reached from a wheelchair or walker.

If you choose not to Age in Place but to relocate instead, we can help you reduce your possessions so that they will fit in your new residence and help to organize those items that make the move. This can include getting measurements of the new room, helping with furniture choices, installing bookshelves and more.