19 Apr 2012

Are these taxing times for you?

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Were the last few weeks frustrating for you?  Were you standing in line at the post office on the last possible day just to file a request for an automatic extension for filing your taxes?  We can probably help.  No, we don’t prepare your taxes for you, but we can help you organize your paperwork so you can prepare your taxes quicker, easier and with a little less stress.

These have been exciting times for us.  We just promoted Jamie from Organizational Assistant to Level One Organizer.  Congratulations!

Not only is Maria teaching about Hoarding next week at the Criminal Justice Academy, but she just signed up to teach the FBI at Quantico next month.

PWCoC 2012 Home-Based Business of the Year AwardAnd last night we won an Excellence in Business award from the Prince William Chamber of Commerce.

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