05 Jun 2012

It has been a while since I last wrote.  Sorry about that.  There have just been too many things going on.  With a child in school and religious school the approaching summer has had numerous distractions.  Throw in holidays, visiting family, etc. and the calendar gets pretty full.  As if day to day living isn’t enough to keep you busy.  Something had to give and for me it was blogging.

We at Conquer the Clutter specialize in the physical manifestations of chronic disorganization, rather than time management.  This does, however, illustrate one of the common problems of people with clutter issues.  In order to fit things into a finite resource, such as time or a livingroom, you need to be able to arrange things, prioritize, and maybe even discard.  The chronically disorganized, especially hoarders, often don’t see things the way that others do and have difficulty making decisions.

One of our jobs is to teach our clients techniques to help them make decisions about their stuff.  If you’re having trouble fitting your stuff into a finite resource or you’re finding it difficult to make decisions about your stuff then let us know.  We can help.

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works mostly behind the scenes at Conquer the Clutter, supporting Maria's efforts to make the world a neater place to live.

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