Maria saves the frog

Back in January Maria did a talk for the Women’s Center in Vienna, VA here in Fairfax.  For those who are interested we have here an audio clip from January’s Q & A where the origins and prevalence of hoarding is discussed.  Last week Maria spoke at the Prebyterian Church in Manassas.  Here’s a video clip.. read more →

A stark difference

This week Maria met with a prospective client who had already contracted services with another professional organizer.  His experience with them was not a good one, but it highlights a major difference between Conquer the Clutter and some of our competitors. This competitor came in for a free consultation and quoted a price to clear.. read more →

Hey, we got Inc.

Well, … not exactly.  Technically, we got LLC.  We are now officially CtheC, LLC.  Don’t worry, we’re still doing business under the trade name Conquer the Clutter. Last week, in the continuing effort to stay current in the field, Maria attended a two day seminar about the brain: its physical parts, and how they work together. .. read more →

Hoarding in the news

Hoarding is a popular topic these days and there were a few interesting pieces in the media this past week. The Smoking Gun has an article about an FBI employee who took classified documents home and when caught he pleaded, “I’m a hoarder.”  Unfortunately, there is no credible primary source for this item.  All outside articles point back to.. read more →

A busy week

     Last Thursday we went to the Women’s Center in Vienna where Maria taught a class on hoarding to the attendees.  Everyone had a good time and learned a lot.  We got wonderful evaluations, the coordinator was very pleased and is looking forward to our next class in Manassas on March 3rd.      Maria attended a class on Clutter and.. read more →

Hey, we got more ink!

There is an informative web site called Startup Nation.  Maria was recently interviewed for an article on making a business stand out from the crowd.  We’re their third example.  They give a clear definition of the Conquer the Clutter way of doing business.  Thanks. read more →

Hey, we got ink!

Maria and I were interviewed for an article in Inc. online.  The article is about home based businesses.  We told him why we didn’t need a separate office but the context got editted.  The quote they didn’t use that I wish they had is, “Our job is to help you organize your home or office. .. read more →

Keep in Mind When Decluttering

The main thing to keep in mind when you are beginning a decluttering project is: Does this “thing” fit my vision for the life I want to live or is it holding me back from where I want to be. If you have too many things that hold you in the past rather than letting.. read more →