Times change and so do the words that we use. Some examples, a secretary was originally a desk suited for writing correspondance. Only later did did the word secretary refer to an employee whose duties kept him at such a desk. And it used to be that anyone who had a desk job was called.. read more →

What to do before we arrive

Once you’ve called and arranged for us to come over for an initial consultation you may wonder what your next step is. Here are some points to consider. 1.  DO NOT CLEAN. We need to see how you are really living, not some artificially created environment. If we don’t see real life, we won’t be.. read more →

Clutter in the Workplace

We’ve been thinking lately about how clutter migrates and its effect on other areas of one’s life.  A clutterer at home seems likely to have a cluttered office, and taking work home is bound to add to a cluttered home environment.  According to the PBS Nightly Business Report, employees take up to $50 billion worth of.. read more →

The worst question to ask

How do you act when you feel backed into a corner?  If you have a teenager, how do they act?  They get defensive, sullen, uncommunicative and uncooperative.  When a hoarder is confronted they act the same way. When dealing with children, especially teenagers, the very worst question to ask is, “why?”  Too often it’s a confrontational question.. read more →

Time Clutter

It has been a while since I last wrote.  Sorry about that.  There have just been too many things going on.  With a child in school and religious school the approaching summer has had numerous distractions.  Throw in holidays, visiting family, etc. and the calendar gets pretty full.  As if day to day living isn’t.. read more →

Are these taxing times for you?

Were the last few weeks frustrating for you?  Were you standing in line at the post office on the last possible day just to file a request for an automatic extension for filing your taxes?  We can probably help.  No, we don’t prepare your taxes for you, but we can help you organize your paperwork.. read more →

Another conference

Thanks to our friend Nico at Elite Home Remodeling we attended the Washington Metropolitan Chapter Community Associations Institute (WMCCAI) expo at the Washington Convention Center in DC.  There were a lot of service providers to talk with.  We made a lot of good connections to provide better service to our clients.  We look forward to.. read more →

NAPO 2012

NAPO (the National Association of Professional Organizers) is growing a lot and their conference is too.  I could suggest a couple of changes for future conferences, such as giving more time for discussions at the SIG tables during lunch, but overall it was very well done. Maria attended a class on “Harm Reduction” at convention.  This concept is very.. read more →

A widespread problem?

There was an interesting article in the Washington Post about a local locksmith’s fight against search engines.  The quick synopsis is that some locksmith companies with local phone numbers and local adresses aren’t really local.  They are really shells with a national call center.  They list fake local addresses, get local phone numbers that route.. read more →

A quick post

Just a quick post this week. Last week we were at the Prince William County Chamber of Commerce’s New Member Showcase. There were a large number of new members there, many of them new small businesses. I’m not sure what it says about the economy that there are so many folks starting businesses. I definitely.. read more →