Bathroom Organization Rules

Bathrooms have evolved over the centuries. In fact, there was no such thing as a bathroom until relatively recently in history. When people needed to eliminate bodily waste they used.. read more →

The Next Step – Yard Sale Quick Tips

Spring is here and the weather is settling down. After Spring cleaning comes Yard Sale Season! Some people make a day of it and go from yard sale to yard.. read more →

A Zero Inbox

Why in the world would you want to get down to an empty email inbox? How much time do you spend looking for that email someone sent you? Do you.. read more →

Deal differently with your stuff

An everyday kind of thing “Why do I always hit EVERY red light when I’m in a hurry?” wailed Peggy as she unloaded her bags of groceries from the car.. read more →

The Paperwork Nightmare

There you are, lying in bed trying to sleep. You can’t seem to fall asleep and it’s not the caffeine in the coffee you had with dessert. You didn’t hear.. read more →

Clutter and Hoarding Basics

People with clutter often call themselves hoarders even though they aren’t. Less than 1% of people are hoarders – about 3 million nationwide. Possibly another 30% of people are clutterers.. read more →

What to do before we arrive

Once you’ve called and arranged for us to come over for an initial consultation you may wonder what your next step is. Here are some points to consider. 1.  DO.. read more →

Getting Started

OK, you have made the decision to get organized. You have set aside time on your calendar and know what you want to work on. Don’t let all this great.. read more →

How we can get you from Before to After

Even if things are not quite this confused at your home, I can help get it all under control. I am your personal trainer of organization and I can teach.. read more →


Multitasking is a way of life that many of us are taught as children and which is reinforced during our school days. Correct the kids homework while you do the.. read more →