How would you like to have a trained assistant who will keep you up on your filing, order processing, data entry, etc. and is willing to work on your schedule for as little as 3 hours at a time?

We will come in weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or as requested to give you a hand. Once we know your methods and your procedure manual is created you won’t need to walk us thru the process any more, and if your regular organizer isn’t available when you need we will use a copy of the manual to have another assist you.

When you are ready to hire an assistant we will come in and do their initial training for you so that you can stay more productive.

Remember that we are not a temp service so we won’t be covering for illness, but if your assistant is going on vacation we may be able to come in and cover for them with sufficient notice. This way you get someone who understands your business and with whom you are comfortable.

We’re also available for large tasks like an annual purge of your files, inventory of materials, etc. which would save you and your team time and will help things get done more quickly.