Fire in Hoarder’s home on Easter

Sadly, this was no April Fool joke. The news from Easter Sunday was that a woman died in her home in Cheverly, MD. She was in her 50’s or 60’s and was found at the bottom of her stairs. The home was hoarded and did not have a working smoke detector. The clutter made it.. read more →

2013 New Year’s Resolutions

With the year coming to a close it is time to reflect on the past and, assuming the world doesn’t end on December 21,  plan for the future.  It has been a good year for us and we plan for that to continue.  I hope that you can say the same. The phenomenom of New.. read more →

Shopping Season

Black Friday! Cyber Monday! Year end close out sales! ‘Tis the season to acquire. This season is pure, society sanctioned bliss for shopaholics. The joy of the season comes from giving. Shopping with others in mind is all in anticipation of seeing the smiles when the unwrapping begins. The tragedy of the season is with.. read more →

Getting Fired

In recent years the economy has made everyone sensitive to job loss.  Fortunately, I’m not talking today about an employee. We recently had a client who needs our help.  This is a level 5 environment and the county has determined that the home is not currently fit for habitation.  Unfortunately, it is human nature to rebel against.. read more →

Trick or Treat

The news these days is full of tricks and not so many treats. Hurricane Sandy has passed, though its remnants are still active.  Fires.  Floods.  Wind damage.  And snow.  Millions of people lost power, many lost homes or cars, and a few lost lives.  With continuing rain and a full moon’s high tide today not.. read more →

Thoughts from Marcpo 2012

This past weekend we attended the 14th annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference for Professional Organizers.  We had a good time and attended some thought provoking sessions.  Some highlights: My favorite quote is from Dr. Ari Tuckman, who gave an excellent presentation on ADHD, said, “A professional organizer helps clients own their items and obligations rather than.. read more →

Is it the Flu?

Or is it the deadly Hantavirus?  The killer in your basement.  Film at 11:00.  Okay, let’s leave the sensationalism aside.  Odds are that it’s the flu.  Hanatavirus is very rare and is only carried by a few types of rodents.  But the initial symptoms are similar: fever, severe muscle aches, fatigue.  For more information on Hantavirus, check.. read more →

Hoarding in the news, again

It has been six months since I blogged about the fire at a hoarder’s house in Maryland and now two more events have come to my attention. I don’t know how many similar events I’ve missed in that time frame.  The new events occured on opposite coasts a week apart. The first tragedy involves the.. read more →

In just 15 minutes a day

Everybody tries to take your money by selling you on the idea that it costs less than a dollar a day, or it only takes 10 minutes a day, and the results are “priceless”.  Go ahead, Google it.  I’ll wait.  Everything from vacuum cleaners to exercise equipment to dental insurance to learning a foreign language,.. read more →

Clutter and Hoarding Basics

People with clutter often call themselves hoarders even though they aren’t. Less than 1% of people are hoarders – about 3 million nationwide. Possibly another 30% of people are clutterers – approximately 102.8 million nationwide. Clutter and hoarding can be “situational” or “chronic”. Situational means that circumstances control the situation, while chronic means that it.. read more →