01 Feb 2012

     Last Thursday we went to the Women’s Center in Vienna where Maria taught a class on hoarding to the attendees.  Everyone had a good time and learned a lot.  We got wonderful evaluations, the coordinator was very pleased and is looking forward to our next class in Manassas on March 3rd.

     Maria attended a class on Clutter and Hoarding given by the Northern Virginia Licensed Professional Counselors.  She enjoys going to events like this to make sure that she is up-to-date with the current information and techniques being discussed on these topics.  The field of study on hoarding is exploding right now and there are a lot of fascinating avenues being explored.  The entire focus of the research has shifted in the last 10 years from hoarding being an environmentally learned behavior to being a brain function and genetic predisposition.

     Scott attended the Prince William Chamber of Commerce‘s 2012 Tech Expo.  There were a couple of interesting classes being taught, but unfortunately they were at the same time.  Saw all of one and the last part of another.  Got some good ideas from a couple of companies that set up displays.  Also saw the high school robotics team demo.  Wow, I wish they had that available when I was in high school!

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