13 Feb 2012

Well, … not exactly.  Technically, we got LLC.  We are now officially CtheC, LLC.  Don’t worry, we’re still doing business under the trade name Conquer the Clutter.

Last week, in the continuing effort to stay current in the field, Maria attended a two day seminar about the brain: its physical parts, and how they work together.  She found out about the class throught her membership in the Northern Virginia Licensed Professional Counselors.  Apparently, new information gets sent to the primitive part of the brain that handles fight or flight responses before it gets sent to the parts that handle higher reasoning.  So, people can get emotional and respond several seconds before they have a chance to realize that something has made them emotional.  No wonder arguments get heated.  No wonder people start collecting things with emotional attachments.  No wonder that breaking a habit, like smoking or hoarding can be so difficult.

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