individualsWhen you open up space in your home for the life you want to live, you increase your chances of actually living it. You can reduce the tension, arguments and stress in your home by clearing room to think and move. We will help you with this by helping you clarify your vision of the future and how you want to live and then help you make the vision come true.
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businessesPeople in business are there because they want to do what they LOVE. Usually however, they don’t love the paperwork that finishes up the job. We can get your business in order and then we offer a plan to help you keep it that way. Our maintenance plan will help you keep up with your filing, contacts and other needs on a continuing basis.
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presentationsWe offer classes tailored to the needs of our clients. If you want to learn more about organizing a home, clutter, hoarding or other topics we will create a presentation tailored to those that will be attending. An example of this would be a class on hoarding. One presentation to people about senior citizens and hoarding issues would be very different than one to police officers about safety issues in a cluttered/hoarded situation.
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