27 Nov 2012

Black Friday! Cyber Monday! Year end close out sales! ‘Tis the season to acquire. This season is pure, society sanctioned bliss for shopaholics.

The joy of the season comes from giving. Shopping with others in mind is all in anticipation of seeing the smiles when the unwrapping begins.

The tragedy of the season is with those who compulsively acquire but don’t get around to wrapping, sending, giving. The chronically disorganized never seem to get cards and presents for everyone on their list; never quite get around to writing and addressing cards and letters; can’t always find, wrap and send the gifts they so joyously purchased.

Compulsive acquisition plus chronic disorganization leads to frustration and disappointment. Not exactly the emotions you want; not the emotions you want to give your loved ones for the holidays.

Break the cycle. If you recognize yourself, or a loved one, please give us a call at 855-CtheC-4Me (855-284-3246).

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  1. Yours is a clever way of thnkiing about it.

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