12 Dec 2017

Make Room for Memories

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The things you do today are tomorrow’s memories. And with the holiday season, the things you do in the next few weeks may well become the memories of a lifetime. If not for you then for the children in the family.

If your family is staying home this year, and especially if you are having guests, make sure that you have enough empty space to make new memories. Some of the common gathering spaces include:

  • the TV, whether you watch parades, football games or a continuously burning yule log
  • floor space for the kids to play and open presents, which could be in the room with the TV
  • the dining room table, and if your family goes crazy with side dishes or desserts then you may need extra room for end tables to hold all the platters
  • a conversation space for the adults, which could be one of the spaces above
  • and the kitchen. Has there ever been a gathering of friends or family that didn’t involve a slow migration to the kitchen? Make sure you have room to cook even with a few guests in the way

And while you’re clearing some public spaces give a thought to changing circumstances. Most people think about child or baby proofing by moving breakables out of reach, but they’re not the only ones to think about. A young teenager experiencing growth spurts isn’t used to thinking about breakable objects at their new shoulder height, or how long their arms suddenly are (collectible plates as wall hangings?). Has anyone had an accident recently? Wheelchairs need extra room side to side and crutches require sure footing (no throw rugs that can slide). On the other side of the age groupings, your parents may not be quite as steady on their feet as they used to be. Walkers need extra room like a wheel chair, and a cane needs sure footing like crutches. And remember that seniors may no longer have the easy mobility and strength to reach heights and distances like they used to.

Now that there’s safe spaces to make happy memories, who among us doesn’t want to capture them for all time? If you’re using film, make sure that any partially used film gets out of the camera and processed. Clean the camera and make sure it works. Double check your supply of film. If you’re using digital cameras, like the one on your cell phone, clear out all the old photos and movies on the device so you have room to capture every happy moment. Make sure you’re fully charged, then have batteries or a charger handy. If you haven’t already done so, take a minute to become familiar with whatever settings are on your camera. Do you know how to turn the flash on and off?

Now go out and make some memories. And don’t forget to process those photos after things quiet down.

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